QPID launches NLP intelligence platform for EHRs

eWeek, Feb. 15, 2013
QPID, a health care IT software company spun off from Partners HealthCare in Boston, has launched with an intelligence engine of the same name to allow clinicians to extract data from electronic health records (EHRs) and convert it into an actionable format.

QPID launches – igniting a new passion for EHRs

I’m really excited to announce that we officially launched QPID to the world today. After four amazing years of R&D at the #1 hospital in the nation, QPID is now officially its own venture-backed company and commercially available to academic medical centers, community hospitals and group practices outside of the Partners HealthCare network. The reception has been great, and the QPID team is pumped up to make EHRs – and the data they house – useful and exciting for healthcare workers around the nation.

One might even say, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, that we’re spreading the love. We’re igniting new passion for EHR systems by giving them a voice that will help with clinical decisions and make doctors, physicians, PAs, nurses and even billing staff more productive. When workflow (and attitudes) improve, the positive effects spread throughout the institution: from the front desk to the Emergency Department; Billing Department to the patients.


Because while these clinicians are enamored with the idea of electronic records, they haven’t yet experienced the best relationship they can have with them. QPID is changing all of that. We’re not only giving a “voice” to the data within those EHRs, but we’re making the date more useful, relevant and insightful – improving productivity, workflow and ultimately, patient safety.

Want to know more? Check out our press release, read some of our media coverage, or give us a call. We’d love to make you fall in love with your EHR, too.

QPID Launches EHR Search Engine

HIStalk, Feb. 14, 2013
QPID, a startup that will commercialize technology developed by Massachusetts General Hospital (MA), announced its launch today. We spoke to President and CEO Michael Doyle, formerly of Medsphere, ahead of the announcement.



Making Electronic Health Records More Efficient

Forbes, Feb. 14, 2013
Six years ago, radiologist Michael Zalis found himself spending a lot of time logging in and out of separate electronic health records at Massachusetts General Hospital to gather lab data, clinical notes, and other non-imaging information scattered in multiple databases.


New Query Tool Searches EHR Unstructured Data

InfoWeek, Feb. 14, 2013
A new electronic health record “intelligence platform” developed at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and its parent organization, Partners Healthcare, is being touted as a solution to the problem of searching structured and unstructured data in EHRs for clinically useful information.

QPID, Inc. Launches to Improve Use and Value of Electronic Health Records

New intelligence software company reignites clinicians’ love for their EHRs through
smarter clinical decision support and analytics

Boston – Feb. 14, 2013 – QPID™ Inc. launched today, delivering a new health record intelligence platform and web-based applications that enable health care institutions and clinicians to gain better insights from any Electronic Health Record (EHR). Now, health care staff – including clinicians, physicians, PAs, nurses and even billing staff – can use QPID’s intelligence engine that layers on top of any EHR to make the data more useful and actionable. Developed within Massachusetts General Hospital and Partners HealthCare, QPID is venture backed by Matrix Partners, Partners Innovation Fund and Mass General Physicians Organization (MGPO).

QPID addresses an industry wide pain point in health care in that entering and retrieving data from EHR systems is typically cumbersome and a detriment to productivity. The retrieval and integration of EHR data into clinical practice is very limited by their primitive search capabilities – which in turn can slow down not only revenue and performance, but clinicians’ satisfaction in almost every department. (And, in some cases, patient safety.) EHRs capture patient data and history in a structured fashion that’s unnatural to the way Clinicians are used to documenting encounters (with narratives and notations). As a result, entering data into an EHR is more difficult and retrieval of such documentation out of the system is sometimes impossible and almost always frustrating. QPID solves those issues by making any EHR system more effective and the data within more useful, accessible and meaningful.


Activates Insights
• EHRs in and of themselves are little more than data repositories. Clinicians have the data in an electronic format, yet still need to work too hard to gather the right information that they want and need – in the way that reflects their own method of organizing information. QPID allows clinicians to easily extract the data entered, and presents information in an actionable format.

• With QPID, clinicians can focus on their job and query information in the way they’re used to working and talking – rather than trying to change their way of working to fit a piece of technology. QPID enables natural language data queries – identifying the data needed, when needed, via superior search and navigation capabilities. Its modules are clinical topic- specific, saved queries, which direct the proprietary search engine to retrieve potentially any combination of data specified by the user.

• QPID houses historical data and makes intelligent connections that clinicians need before treating patients. Physicians receive a summary of clinical insights including treatments received, current and past medications, who else has touched the patient and other vital details prior to their first patient encounter.

• QPID also allows for more productive billing – putting information in the right place and allowing for faster searches to solve medical necessity edits.

Proven Technology
• Developed within Massachusetts General Hospital and Partners HealthCare in Boston, QPID has been through four years of R&D
• QPID already improves 7,000 daily patient encounters, and is used by 5,000 health care professionals in 15 different clinical departments at multiple hospitals in the Partners System.
• Install once – centralized, deployed as web apps in multiple departments
• No-click navigation of EHR data
• Platform agnostic

Experienced Management Team
QPID was founded by doctors, for doctors, bringing a personal level of understanding to the pain points of health care workers. Co-founders Michael Zalis, MD and Mitch Harris, PhD, have been friends and colleagues for 30 years. Dr. Zalis, Chief Medical Officer, is a board certified Radiologist with extensive experience and expertise in abdominal imaging, interventional radiology, computer science and clinical research. He initiated and directed the QPID Informatics Group at MGH and is also an associate professor at Harvard Medical School. Mr. Harris, Chief Scientist and Technology Architect, was formerly a research scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Leading the executive management team is Michael Doyle, CEO. Mr. Doyle brings an exemplary record of creating business value in investor backed, rapid–growth, public and private healthcare and technology companies, and was formerly CEO and Chairman of Medsphere Systems Corporation, the leading provider of open-source healthcare enterprise solutions that enable operational and financial improvement through clinical transformation.

Rick Toren, Chief Strategy Officer, also brings decades of health care experience to QPID. He was formerly Chairman & President of CodeRyte, Inc., an industry leader in clinical natural language processing (NLP) technology and computer-assisted coding solutions for healthcare outpatient providers, which was acquired by 3M in 2012.

Gary Zakon joins as CTO and Vice President of Engineering. Zakon is a software engineering leader, experienced at building engineering organizations and assuring product development success in both large company and startup environments. He’s been an executive team manager developing software platforms in emerging markets for companies such as Novera Software and OpenPages. He was also previously CTO of ModelLogic, a technology strategy consultancy focused on cloud computing and SaaS initiatives.

“We’re extremely excited to roll this proven technology out to academic medical centers, community hospitals and group practices outside of the Partners HealthCare network,” said Mike Doyle, CEO. “When clinicians virally adopt software, you know it’s providing value to them as practitioners. QPID enables them to retrieve critical information out of their EHRs that’s meaningful and useful – saving time and allowing more informed clinical decisions.”

About QPID Inc.

QPID is an intelligence system for EHRs — permitting creation of clinician-directed queries, analytics and reporting abilities in real time. The consequence is improved filtration and exception handling in health care workflow and its effect is akin to business intelligence, namely, activating stored data to reduce cost, improve revenue and quality of care delivery. QPID was founded by Dr. Michael Zalis and Dr. Mitch Harris, and developed within Massachusetts General Hospital and Partners HealthCare in Boston. QPID is venture backed by Matrix Partners, Partners Innovation Fund and Mass General Physicians Organization (MGPO).