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Our vision to fix healthcare

Driving return on information so clinicians can focus on care.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping providers achieve their quality goals with technology that “thinks like a clinician” to translate clinical stories into actionable facts and metrics

The era of fee-for-service medicine is rapidly winding down, and along with it the outdated strategy of throwing labor at problems. The days when every clinician could be an island of knowledge are over, with the need to collaborate now paramount. Revenue for providers is going to be capped, so the idea that hospitals can stay in business despite inefficiencies is no longer a reality.

We recognize that external measurement demands and the limitations of much of health information technology detract from the essential human experiences of healthcare. External pressures to quantify and justify clinical actions — and the heavy burden of data entry required — has led to degraded experiences for patients and clinicians. We’re on a mission to repair this situation, developing and deploying intelligent software that translates between essential human clinical stories and actionable facts and metrics.

We believe that using smart technology like ours is essential to improving how healthcare works for all of us — patients, providers, and payers.

Our team delivers software that delights and inspires, and takes the drudgery out of clinical and administrative workflows by bringing needed information directly to the user. Clinician designed and proven, our NLP, clinical content, and machine learning software is built on the experience of 10 years of demanding clinical use in one the leading academic medical systems in the world.

Our story

QPID spun out of Mass General, one of the top hospitals in the world. That gives it a great head start.

Stan Reiss, General Partner, Matrix Partners


Dr. Mike Zalis, an interventional radiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, was a concientious practitioner who wanted to do what was best for patients. But this meant that he and his colleagues were spending far too much time manually combing through patient records to make sure they were aware of anything in the patient’s history that could impact how they interpreted images. Mike decided there had to be a better way, and the idea for QPID was born.

2006 – 2011

Mike and his colleagues built a tool to quickly locate patient information from anywhere in the EHR. Clinicians told other clinicians about the time they were saving and the clinical insights gained because they could tap into the narrative in patient records. QPID spread virally across MGH and was deployed across all major clinical departments and then throughout the entire Partners HealthCare system including Brigham & Womens Hospital, Spaulding and Faulkner. Clinicians and informaticists collaborated to build applications on top of the original EHR search platform to bring critical patient information to the point of care and to automate administrative workflows. As one internist noted, “If you took QPID away from us, we’d have a riot on our hands.”


By 2012 QPID had delivered a substantial return on investment via Meaningful Use certification, avoidance of cancellations, CMS incentive bonuses, and avoiding penalties. Benefits in terms of patient safety and clinician satisfaction were clear. The idea to commercialize the software emerged. Matrix Partners became aware of the opportunity and brought together a management team and funding, and QPID Health was spun out of Partners HealthCare as a commercial venture-backed company in late 2012.


In 2013 QPID Health closed more than $4 million in venture funding from Matrix Partners, Partners Innovation Fund, Massachusetts General Physicians Organization  and Cardinal Partners. The user base at Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Womens Hospital and across the Partners Healthcare network continued to grow. Partners Healthcare Population Health collaborated with QPID Health as part of its commitmen to 100% appropriate care for better outcomes and lower costs. The software was commercialized for deployment on top of the major electronic health record systems.


New Leaf Ventures agrees to lead a Series B round of funding of $12.3 million, joined by all the original investors. We formed an Advisory Board that now includes world-renowned leaders in health information technology, quality and patient safety, and health policy: Julia Adler-Milstein, David Bates, Alan Ezekowitz, Robert Fanning, John Halamka, John Osborn, and Robert Wachter.  The QPID Health team grew to include a full complement of clinical staff with deep knowledge of medical practice in addition to experts in natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and security.


Now, our dedicated team of clinicians, software gurus, and customer care professionals provides solutions to 8500 healthcare providers across major health systems and independent hospitals. Providence Healthcare and Sharp Healthcare joined Partners HealthCare as major IDNs adopting QPID Health. Since 2013, the QPID Health’s clinical reasoning engine has analyzed 318 million clinical documents for 1.6 million unique patients.

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Would you like to work at the intersection of natural language processing, machine learning, big data and cloud-based web app delivery? We are a rapidly growing company focused on transforming electronic health information into clinical insight and better care.

QPID Health is a venture-backed, Boston-based healthcare IT startup. Our company culture is transparent, lively and outside the box. No matter what your role, you will hear about a broad range of topics in technology and medicine. And, you’ll be making a difference.

We are seeking smart and self-motivated people to join our team.

QPID Health offers a competitive salary and excellent benefits: employee stock options; medical/dental/vision; 401K savings plan; and a great team-oriented culture/working environment.

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Dr. Sid Govindan, Director of Clinical Content, talks about why he joined QPID Health

“The intersection of computers and medicine is going to drive the next several years of innovation. This is really where it’s going to be.”

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