MedCity News: Can a pre-operative risk assessment tool reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes?

MedCity News, Feb. 18, 2014

Health IT startup QPID Health, formed at Massachusetts General, has rolled out its first clinical decision support tool for its cloud-based platform, QPID. It works on top of providers’ electronic medical record systems and is designed to be used before high-cost, high-volume medical procedures. The idea is for physicians to use the tool to develop a better way to balance the need for a procedure with the patient’s risk factors, and it fits the healthcare industry trend of looking for ways to reduce healthcare costs.

The guide relies on QPID’s EMR search technology to upload information from the patient’s electronic health record. It calculates the level of risk associated with the procedure, whether it is appropriate for that patient, and also factors in models published in specialty guidelines. The risk assessment score is included in the consent forms that are discussed with the patient.

Clinicians can choose to use or ignore the recommendation but it’s designed to be factored into their decision making.

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