CEO Mike Doyle on panel: “Data Driven Decision Making in Healthcare”

QPID Health’s Mike Doyle has been invited to join the ChicagoConversations panel on Data Driven Decision Making in Healthcare. A Chicago Booth School of Business alumnus, Mike’s background in optimizing healthcare in the age of EHRs will enrich the conversation. You can learn more and register here for the event to be held at 6:30 pm in San Francisco.

The discussion will be focused on the challenges of achieving the promised benefits of digital health:

The implementation of electronic health records (EHR), advent of mobile health, and increasingly sophisticated data analytics are rapidly changing the health care industry, and the industry is poised to bring the advancements necessary to create a leaner, savvier, more efficient health care system. Benefits include: evidence-based, cost-effective treatments, remote monitoring and telemedicine, increased awareness of patient risks and preventative care implementation, and improved fraud and abuse detection.

Yet, before those benefits can be reaped there are a number of challenges to explore. How can data be structured consistently and converted into real-time analytics that are both accessible and secure? What are the barriers to interoperability and information exchange (required by the HITECH Act’s Meaningful Use Stage 2), and how can they be addressed? What measures can be taken to overcome the security and privacy risks posed by mobile devices and cloud services?

Chicago Booth invites you to San Francisco for a discussion with Chicago Booth alumni and industry leaders, who will share their expertise and perspective on the current conditions as well as their views on the future outlook for the health care industry.