“Disrupt This” – QPID Health a Top 10 Innovator at Healthbeat

QPID Health was selected by HealthBeat as a finalist  for its Innovation Showcase! See Disrupt this: Announcing HealthBeat’s 10 Innovation Showcase finalists.

“Spurred on by renewed investment in digital health and government health reform, hundreds of startups are now working to address friction points and broken systems within health care.

But only a select number of those startups will find their niche and become vital parts of the system for the long haul. These startups will be the ones that have the best products and the clearest vision of where their part of the industry is headed. They’re the ones that empower patients, improve outcomes, manage costs, and reduce waste.

It’s these kinds of companies that we sought out for the Innovation Showcase at HealthBeat 2014.”