HealthITAnalytics: Predictive, clinical analytics at MGH turn data into insights

HealthITAnalytics, August 20, 2014
Jennifer Bresnick

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has a reputation as one of the top epicenters for healthcare in the nation, bolstered in no small part by its deeply integrated and robust clinical analytics programs.  Spearheaded by MGH radiologist Dr. Michael Zalis and software architect Mitch Harris, PhD, the Queriable Patient Interface Dossier (QPID) began in 2007 as a way to pull pertinent information from the EHR, but quickly evolved into a fully-fledged clinical intelligence platform based on machine learning that provides predictive analytics, patient risk scores, and key data insights to make clinical decisions more efficient and effective.

Dr. David Ting, Associate Medical Director for Information Systems at the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization, sat down with HealthITAnalytics to explain how MGH leverages their vast pools of patient data through the QPID engine to deliver important details about patients at the point of care.

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