InformationWeek Healthcare tells the QPID story.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  Veteran healthcare and technology reporter Dave Carr covers QPID “formula” in article  “QPID, a Partners HealthCare spinoff, creates a clinical decision support tool to solve physicians’ big gripe about EHRs — buried data.”

The sum of “Google, plus CliffsNotes,” might be the formula for making electronic health records software more usable, particularly in large hospital networks that use multiple EHR systems.

That formula is QPID Health CEO Mike Doyle’s shorthand for what his company does. It adds search and summarization technology as a layer on top of EHR software to provide more convenient access to patient data when needed most — the time doctors are making clinical decisions. The EHR world today is like “the Internet 20 years ago when we had all this data but no Google,” Doyle said in an interview. “EHRs have done a great job of capturing all this data, but not at making it particularly useful.”

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