KevinMD: “How natural language processing can help EHRs”

Great article on KevinMD on the topic of NLP and EHRs. Author Phil Simon writes: “While turning unstructured data into something useful may not get your juices flowing, many people feel passionately about the sub­ject.”  Well, you can count QPID Health in! We are passionate about helping nurses, doctors, population health and quality managers and others in our healthcare system to get the most from that 80% of data that is buried deep in EHRs in unstructured/semi-structured data.

More from the post:

[This information is] referred to as ‘the text blob’ and is buried within elec­tronic health records (EHRs). The inherent problem with ‘the text blob’ is that locked within it lies an extraordinary amount of key clinical data—valuable information that can and should be leveraged to make more informed clinical decisions, to ultimately improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs. To date, however, because it consists of co­pious amounts of text, the healthcare industry has struggled to unlock meaning from ‘the text blob’ without intensive, manual analysis or has chosen to forego extracting the value completely.

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