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MedCity News: QPID Health and Silver Hill partner in psych care

MedCity News, Dec. 2, 2014 Dan Verel Digital health startup QPID Health recently announced that its EHR augmentation software was adopted by Silver Hill Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in Connecticut that hopes to glean better insights on behavioral health patterns of an often-challenging patient population. QPID, a Boston-based startup founded in 2012, said its software will help the 129-bed hospital capture and display an “at-a-glance view of clinically relevant information.” The hospital, meanwhile, said the software will help it maximize EHR data and spot patterns for improved treatment on the psychiatric side, which has been a growing focus as the health system as a whole looks to curb hospitalizations. The collaboration will also include a behavioral health portal with the use of QPID’s Cohort App, which identifies and collects information across various groups of patients. The QPID platform will mine data to track compliance and quality metrics related to what’s known as hospital based inpatient psychiatric services, a program instituted to specifically geared toward the safety of psych patients. Read the full article: MedCity News, Dec. 2, 2014