Dr. Mike Zalis Speaks at Dartmouth Symposium on Health Care Delivery Science

QPID Co-founder Dr. Mike Zalis will participate in the 2014 Dartmouth Symposium on Health Care Delivery Science. The theme of the meeting, to be held April 4-5 in Hanover, NH, is “Leading Change in Health Care Delivery.”

Mike will share his unique “triple perspective” on the panel “From technology to information to action: How will technology advance the ability to deliver high-value health care?” Mike is a practicing radiologist, led the implementation of QPID applications in multiple departments at the Mass General Hospital and the Partners organization, and is now QPID’s product strategist.

Symposium attendees will learn innovative approaches to health care delivery that are emerging as a result of changes such as new payment models. Mike will highlight QPID’s Q-Guide, which is changing business as usual in health care and is particularly important as providers take on more financial risk. Q-Guide helps clinicians to attest to the appropriate use of ordered surgical procedures, keeping costs down and enhancing outcomes. Today, Q-Guide eliminates costly manual prior authorization processes, since Q-Guide gives payers the assurance that best practices and the patient’s risk factors have been considered. Q-Guide also promotes patient engagement by generating custom consent forms that incorporate the patient’s unique risk score.

For an agenda and to register, visit http://bit.ly/1dvK5RA