QPID co-founder Zalis to share his expertise in natural language processing to RSNA 2013

Dr. Mike Zalis, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of QPID, Inc. will be lecturing at RSNA 2013, the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America that will be held December 1-6 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.  He will speak as part of the Radiology Informatics Series: Natural Language Processing: Extracting Information from Text Radiology Reports to Improve Quality.  Mike will share his deep knowledge of the value of natural language processing for radiologists gained from his experience as an Interventional Radiologist and in the development of QPID.

Mike and his colleague Mitch Harris conceived, designed and developed the QPID software as a direct result of Mike’s experience on the front lines.  Like many clinicians, Mike wanted to make the best decisions for patients when analyzing an image, but he found that it was taking far too long to dig out what he needed from the patient’s electronic health record.  He thought that it had to be possible to automatically extract the relevant information from the EHR, but after investigating found that no one had figured out how to do it yet.   Thus QPID was born.

As Mike notes in the abstract for his presentation:

Electronic health record data, whether in discretized (structured field) or unstructured forms presents a potentially overwhelming amount of information for a Radiologist to consume at the time of clinical encounter. This applies for both in- and out-patient settings, and spans a broad range of sub-specialty and acuity scenarios. Consuming and understanding this data in an efficient way is essential for efficient, high quality care delivery, especially since most Radiologists have little prior familiarity with their patients.

Keep warm in the Windy City, Mike!