QPID launches – igniting a new passion for EHRs

I’m really excited to announce that we officially launched QPID to the world today. After four amazing years of R&D at the #1 hospital in the nation, QPID is now officially its own venture-backed company and commercially available to academic medical centers, community hospitals and group practices outside of the Partners HealthCare network. The reception has been great, and the QPID team is pumped up to make EHRs – and the data they house – useful and exciting for healthcare workers around the nation.

One might even say, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, that we’re spreading the love. We’re igniting new passion for EHR systems by giving them a voice that will help with clinical decisions and make doctors, physicians, PAs, nurses and even billing staff more productive. When workflow (and attitudes) improve, the positive effects spread throughout the institution: from the front desk to the Emergency Department; Billing Department to the patients.


Because while these clinicians are enamored with the idea of electronic records, they haven’t yet experienced the best relationship they can have with them. QPID is changing all of that. We’re not only giving a “voice” to the data within those EHRs, but we’re making the date more useful, relevant and insightful – improving productivity, workflow and ultimately, patient safety.

Want to know more? Check out our press release, read some of our media coverage, or give us a call. We’d love to make you fall in love with your EHR, too.