Raising Capital – what may be a typical step for a startup, signifies a very bright future for QPID and the health care industry

In case you didn’t see the news, today we announced our first round of funding. While this is certainly a typical step for an innovative startup, I believe we’ve got a unique story for a few reasons:

  • the quality and track record of our investors is first rate, with the perfect blend of tech and health care excellence
  • we raised more financing than expected, immediately expanding our capabilities for commercial growth
  • while we accepted an additional investor beyond our original plans, we had to turn away others

All of this adds up to great excitement for what we’re doing here at QPID. We believe the interest and support from such quality investors – Matrix Partners, Partners Innovation Fund, Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (MGPO) and Cardinal Partners – is a significant nod to the power of what QPID is providing to the health care industry. In step with Electronic Health Record (EHR) providers, we’re poised to make digital health management a pleasant reality.

EHR vendors have made great strides in digitizing health data. But the reality is that the switch for clinicians hasn’t been as smooth as it could be – the industry is still struggling with the marriage of data workflow and human workflow. Data is great when it’s useful – but so far, EHRs have been little more than digital repositories – actually impeding clinical workflow and in some cases, patient safety, while clinicians struggle to access and use the data within.

As a result, workflow, efficiencies, job and patient satisfaction have suffered. QPID integrates with EHRs to accelerate the data – making it easily accessible, understandable and useable within different departments – from ED to oncology to radiology, gastroenterology to cardiology, and even billing. We help assimilate both old and new knowledge, and enable clinicians to apply that knowledge to their patients, recall each patient’s individual health status and history, and communicate quickly and accurately.

Clinical studies suggest that for ideal results, one should take the objectivity of data and marry it with the reasoning capabilities of a human. QPID does just that for the health care industry – making data easily retrievable, readable and understood by both clinician and patient. Perhaps that’s why investors have already invested $4 million – nearly twice what we projected. With it, we’re disrupting health care and making the dream of digital health a reality. Stay tuned, or if you’re an institution or clinician interested in more, download ourproduct overview, and let’s get a demo scheduled.