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Q-Build: Tools for novices and masters

The QPID solution comes with tools for end users and developers.

Q-Miner makes it easy to conduct powerful ad hoc searches of the EHR, from any web browser, at any time. With Q-Editor users can create, publish, and share queries for immediate use. Q-Developer is QPID’s program to provide services to customers and third parties who are building applications on the QPID platform.


Q-Miner is “home base” for ad hoc searching of the patient record. The entire library of Clinical Concepts is available from Q-Miner (and all other QPID applications), so results are clinically relevant and not limited to keywords.  QPID searches the structured and unstructured text of all documents within a patient’s medical record, using its repository of Clinical Concepts to match both medical street language as well as formal medical terms.


Power users can add to the repository of Clinical Concepts using the web-based Q-Editor, which provides multiple utilities for query generation including syntax highlighting, inline syntax checking, word suggestions, and auto-population of query references.  Test queries within the editor to ensure query performance is as expected prior to publishing.


QPID supports customers and third parties who want to build applications on the QPID platform with our Q-Developer services program. Detailed specifications for data source interface and other functional components are available.

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