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What’s Your Q-Biz?

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It’s easy to find ROI with Q-Biz

Mass General Hospital has achieved the following benefits using QPID:

  • Increased efficiency of claims processing by 343% in 3 months, with annualized value of $700,000
  • Tripled rate of referrals to Palliative Care to earn a Pay for Performance Incentive of $750,000
  • Automated collection of metrics for PQRS, adding $300,000 to CMS bonus payment

Q-Biz: Leveraging patient data for the business of healthcare

Q-Biz applications help professionals in Quality, Billing, Research, Population Health and other departments to leverage patient data in the EHR for their business needs.  For example, the Q-Biz Cohort Finder is used for a broad range of functions such as to identify patients eligible for clinical trials or for palliative care, or to meet complex reporting requirements for PQRS and Meaningful Use.

Q-Biz leverages QPID’s unique ability to pry clinical findings from unstructured text as well as database fields. For example, to report on the percentage of patients with diabetes who had a retinal exam performed within the last year, Q-Biz Cohort can query the EHR with QPID’s Clinical Concept for diabetes and apply additional parameters such as date and location of the exam. Similarly, Q-Biz Coding Assist automates searching the medical record to help expedite billing edits.

Capabilities include:

  • Save queries for re-use
  • Run additional queries on results sets
  • Export results to a spreadsheet for reporting
  • Integrate with alerts, email, and administrative systems

Q-Biz Cohort Finder

Cohort Finder helps users to identify groups of patients for a variety of use cases, including:

  • Identifying patients with readmissions risks during discharge planning
  • Identifying patients who might fit parameters for participation in clinical research trials
  • Practice Analytics and Quality Metrics reporting including PQRS and Meaningful Use
  • Outcomes Analyses that link clinical characteristics to a specific outcome (e.g., 30-day readmissions)
  • Submission to Registries, such as national registries for cardiology and thoracic surgery

Q-Biz Coding Assist

When automated coding system “scrubbers” fail to find medical justification for a charge, medical coding professionals handle the edits by manually searching the patient’s record to find a matching diagnosis. Q-Biz Coding Assist dramatically increases claim edit volumes by automating searching of the patient record for the medical necessity indications that support the treatment code.  In the first 6 months of use, the application increased claim exports per coder by 343%.

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