Studies find physicians still not happy with EHRs

Two recent studies caught our eye. Both tell us that half of physicians are still dissatisfied with their EHR systems. Those who are unhappy cite a negative impact on their productivity.

IDC Insights reports that “inappropriate form factors and user interfaces” contribute to the productivity drain.  Similarly, in an AMA-commissioned RAND study, researchers found that “poor usability” is a common source of dissatisfaction.

To translate:  Physicians are frustrated because they spend less time with patients and more time related to updating and reviewing records in systems that are not designed to make things easier for them.

QPID alleviates this pain. The QPID platform was designed to deliver patient summaries directly to the point of care for rapid assimilation of the key facts that impact decisions.  Instead of searching through multiple EHR screens in the hopes of finding all the information to piece together the patient story, QPID delivers an “at a glance” view of the pertinent labs, drugs, symptoms and common causes.  For example:

  • The QPID Medicine Portal automatically displays answers to some 300 questions an expert clinician wants answered about a newly admitted patient. The screen is organized for rapid review by body system, lab results and common workups.
  • For emergency department staff in a hurry, the ED Portal instantly delivers vital information on allergies, conditions, medications and more that can drive life-saving decisions.  And QPID finds this even in unstructured notes written in medical “street language.”

Provider organizations take note: 60% of costs in healthcare are labor, so solving the problem of productivity is more than just about making physicians and other clinicians happy.  It’s a bottom line decision.