Thank You to Our Clinical Staff and Customers

Amy Krane, Marketing

Today we announced that Afik Gal has joined QPID Health as Vice President of Product Innovation. (Read the announcement here.) We are excited to have Afik join us because he has a unique background in innovative solutions for healthcare problems, and medical training and practice.

Afik’s joining the team is indicative of two core principles for QPID Health: our commitment to support the work that clinicians do, and our commitment to growing our clinical team. We have doctors, nurses and other allied health professionals on staff and as part of our ecosystem. They work across the QPID Health organization in account management, customer support, product planning, and content development. They add knowledge and sensibility to what we do.

Clinical knowledge is foundational for QPID. Clinicians love our solutions because they capture and anticipate the thinking processes of clinicians. For example, QPID applies clinical reasoning to surface a whole package of associated patient factors so a caregiver can understand the big picture of a disease or determine the best care pathway.

Clinical sensibility is another core principle. Our clinical colleagues know what it’s like to take care of patients and be responsible for decisions that have such a tremendous impact on the patient herself, her family, her co-workers and her community.

So here’s a big THANK YOU to my colleagues Nurse Pat, Nurse Connie, Nurse Judy, Nurse Diane, Nurse Karen, Doctor Sid, Doctor Mike, Doctor Afik, dieticians Alli and Janine, and dozens of others who are work daily with QPID to keep our clinical foundation strong and growing. Thank you as well to the 1000s of doctors, nurses, and other health professionals who provide direct and implicit feedback by using our products every day.