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EHRs today are like the Internet before Google

Electronic health records (EHRs) offer clinicians huge promise and great challenges.  Patient data can be continually updated and easily shared. But it’s time consuming–and sometimes impossible–to piece together what’s relevant to the immediate issue from the mass of information in the health record.

Critical insights that can impact care decisions might be buried in any of hundreds of notes related to visits or phone calls or inconsistently stored in a variety of data fields in the EHR.  The Problem List is rarely complete.  Documentation is inconsistent from provider to provider.

As the volume of digital data continues to explode, clinicians are increasingly frustrated and productivity suffers.  EHR’s today are like the Internet before Google – so much there but so hard to find what you need.

QPID is like Google® + CliffsNotes

With QPID, you’ve got the power of Google to find information in a high volume of data. And the convenience of CliffsNotes to present findings in an easily digested fashion.

  • QPID sits on top of any EHR, HIE or data repository, protecting your investment in those systems and maintaining a single version of the truth.
  • A robust library of thousands of Clinical Concept queries are built into QPID. Developed over the course of 7 years with input from expert clinicians, these queries retrieve “packages” of associated information that help diagnose and plan care. QPID makes sense of variations in documentation such as the use of common medical terms and abbreviations. In the time allocated for chart review, you get more complete information, faster.
  • QPID fits directly into workflows. Q-Sights portals display targeted patient summaries, by specialty or department, to expedite intake. Q-Plan applications integrate with scheduling systems and alerts and help you plan ahead for special patient care related to allergies, devices, or medicines. Q-Biz identifies cohorts of patients for population health initiatives, or for clinical trial research.
  • Designed and proven by leading clinicians, QPID was developed at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Partners HealthCare, and Harvard Medical School.  Since 2007, thousands of clinicians of all kinds have used the software. Their expertise is built into Clinical Concept queries and the QPID family of applications.

With QPID, clinicians know more about the patient’s conditions, symptoms, history, allergies, diagnostics and other significant factors. The result is better decisions, lower cost care, and improved patient outcomes.

QPID Health launched in 2012 to bring the power of QPID to hospitals and health systems nationwide. QPID is now available as a scalable cloud-based platform leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning.  Learn more about our solutions, technology, and team.

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