Slide backgroundQPID automatically delivers the clinical information you need. So you have time for the care they need.

“I have died and gone to QPID heaven…I am serious. I will spend more time with my children because of this.”

Infectious Disease Specialist, MGH

“I can’t believe I ever practiced without this.”

Gastroenterology Specialist, MGH

“Critical information is frequently buried beneath volumes of data, frequently leading to errors in patient management. [For example], “a patient who presented with a fracture bleeding profusely because of chronic anticoagulation – with notes documenting warfarin should have been stopped years ago.”

Source: Gaurav Singal, et al., QPIDMed: A Search-Driven Automated Chart Biopsy Dashboard, AMIA 2013, Poster Presentation

Clinician Productivity

The use of electronic health records (EHR) is an important step in bringing healthcare into the digital age representing a huge opportunity to make the lives of patients better and clinicians easier.  But the reality is that the transition from paper to computers hasn’t been an easy one. Finding relevant information in a patient’s record is daunting, time consuming, and sometimes impossible.

You have 3 minutes. “As long as it takes” is not an option.

You want to practice how you were trained and thoroughly review the available patient medical history. With QPID, you can make the most of the limited time you have to understand what’s important in the patient’s record. QPID finds the “essential narrative” hidden throughout the record, and finds it fast. So you don’t have to spend precious time scrolling through pages of notes or hope that the problem list and medications are up to date.

Imagine if the information you needed was in your hands, when you needed it. Ready to provide answers to all the questions you have when considering the needs of the patient, planning procedures to keep staff and equipment fully utilized and schedules on track, or collecting data for quality reporting or clinical registries.

With QPID, that’s reality.

QPID thinks like a clinician.

QPID uses a unique concept-based search system to find context-sensitive information in patient records. That information is delivered to you in easy-to-use Web-based applications and dashboards.  You get an at-a-glance view of the pertinent labs, drugs, symptoms and common causes and can rapidly assimilate the key facts.  Rather than presenting information as it’s stored in the record, QPID finds and presents associated clinical concepts that match the way you think and answer questions.  You benefit, and patients do too.

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