Xconomy: QPID Health Raises $12M to Expand Medical Record Search Software

XconomyMay 6, 2014

A colonoscopy isn’t one of those appointments that you can just show up for.

As anyone who’s had the pleasure of undergoing the procedure will certainly tell you, there’s a lot of preparation involved to make sure the bowel is empty enough for your doctor to see what’s going on.

Now imagine running through that mini-marathon of dieting and laxatives just to have the hospital realize you’ve got a health condition—a prescription for blood-thinners, or a breathing disorder like sleep apnea—that could complicate the procedure.

And that could mean it’s time to reschedule the whole thing.

“That happens, believe it or not, a lot across the country,” says Mike Doyle, CEO of Boston startup QPID Health.

But one place it doesn’t happen, he adds, is Massachusetts General Hospital. Instead of conducing last-minute checks with a patient, doctors and nurses there can rely on QPID Health’s software, which analyzes medical records and extracts important data about possible complications.

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